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Sunflower Coloring Tutorial
Heather Scott #110
To color in the Sunflower you just need a few shades of each color - yellow, green and brown. I use Prismacolor pencils because they blend so easily and are really the best pencils you can buy! I will be using:

Light Values:
Yellow Ochre (PC942)
Bronze (PC1208)
Burnt Ochre (PC943)
Medium Values:
Goldenrod (PC1043)
Marine Green (PC988)
Terra Cotta (PC944)
Dark Values
Terra Cotta (PC944)
Dark Umber (PC947)

You want to stamp your image with a nice dark black. Embossing is not reccomended for this technique as the embossed lines will get in the way of your pencil and not allow you to color up to the lines. I have stamped onto Kraft Brown Card Stock.

For this card I used the Sunflower from the Flowers and Holly set and have stamped it just off the center slighty tilted in Black ink on Tan or Kraft Card Stock.

Then I Color in the base colors using my light colors. Start with coloring all the petals with Yellow Ochre, then the center of the flower with Burnt Ochre, and then the leaves with Bronze. You do not have to get full coverage in this step as we will be layering the color. Notice how some of the card stock color is showing through the first layer of color.

Now I need to add in some of the shadow areas. Most rubberstamps will "tell" you where they want to be dark. The areas where there are little dots or hash marks are generally where the shadows belong. Generally you need a shadow everywhere there is an overlap or something on top of another. Apply the middle tone colors in these areas on your petalsn, leaves, and center of your flower.

Once I have the Middle tones it it is time to add the deep dark shadows. I usually just add a line of the dark to the edges of the shadow areas - just to make the image pop from what is around it. If it is a really large dark area I will put a thicker line - being sure to go with the curve of the image when applying color.

Now you will want to smooth out these dark areas so there is not such a stark line of dark color. The easiest way to do this is to go back to the middle tone and apply a little color over the dark.

After the darks have been smoothed out you have to add the finishing touch of highlights! The White pencil is invalueable when adding highlights! Remeber to apply them to the high points of the image - and not in the shadow areas.

I hope you will try this technique! It really is fun and easy!

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